D Plus

(Patient Management System Specifically for Ayurvedic Hospital / Clinics)

D Plus platform from the house of the De’ Antz has been created to help the Ayurvedic health care and life sciences companies stay competitive and in compliance.

D Plus – is a Patient Management System, specifically designed to meet the requirements of Ayurvedic doctors. It is a giant step towards bringing Ayurvedic Community at par with Modern medicine and encouraging doctors to adopt scientific documentation. The new-age marketing approaches in hospitals requires one to implement not just new and innovative ideas but to build core relationships that would bring in a flow of business.

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D Plus Module Summary

Ayurvedic Service Management

The Rate of services of the Hospital / Doctor, all the discounts, extra charges etc can be added accordingly. Once entered this will recur automatically for all accounting purposes and records.

Ayurvedic Pharmacy Management

The bills to the pharmacy can be mailed across via this module. Additionally it can be linked to main billing. As the patient collects medicines the details would go into a data base for tracking purpose.

Ayurvedic Medical Data

There is a drop down for doctors to quickly select medicines for the patient and write a prescription. Customized medicines can be added to the list . D Plus will store all medical records of patients.

Ayurvedic Patient Management

Every patient treated will be given unique Patient ID which will beuseful in tracking visits of patients. All patient's data is useful for MRD (market requirements document )purposes and records.

MIS Reports

The next version of D Plus will have a stock register for accounting purpose. The documentation and Accounting becomes easy for the management and intervention from the staff gets reduced.

Accounts Management

Financial accounts, all purchase, expenses, payments can be entered in this module.Receipts can be imported from OPD & Pharmacy Department and the balance sheet can repared accordingly.

Objective of D Plus

→ Efficient Management of Hospital / Clinic

→ Improves work efficiency of all departments, Pharmacy , marketing etc.

→ Patient care enhancement and retention of patient with patient history on fingertips.

→ Over all control on the various department and hence a well run establishment

→ Acts as an document builder and wipes out fraudulent doctor and adulterated medicines

→ Pilferage can be done away with when the facts and figures are authuntic

→ Expansion and growth of hospital / doctor

→ Enhancement of treatments as the discussion on history of patient is readily available

→ Less dependency on middle and lower middle management

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